7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

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Many businesses already know that an active blog is a low cost, highly efficient tool to promote themselves and increase sales. For those still undecided or sceptical this article offers seven reasons why your business should have a blog.


Blogs are without a doubt one of the best ways of building up inbound links. Despite semi-constant algorithm changes, link juice is still a hot commodity and a blog filled with fresh content can become a link magnet. At the same time, the less formal nature of a blog allows for much more flexibility on what topics are treated and what keywords are used than, for example, a product description page. This way it is easy to react quickly to trending topics and hot news and gather the benefits in terms of traffic spikes and inbound links from other interested parties.

Attracting new customers

Advertising online is cheaper than and often as effective as offline advertising, and a business blog is a key element of an online marketing strategy. Potential new customers are attracted to new and useful content about the topics they are interested in, and a blog is a great platform to offer bite sized timely content about your industry, your products or services and your company. At the same time, content is key to establishing your company as an authority in your niche and the place to go to.

Informing about your products

Do you have a new feature or a product you have just launched, and do not know how to promote it? Your company blog is the best place to offer information about your services in a more relaxed way than a press release or a technical manual. It also allows for a more customer centric style of writing, showcasing the ways your products will make your customers’ lives better or solve their problems instead of just talking about the features. A blog can be a great place for sales pitches that does not sound like one.

Engaging with your existing customers

One of the features of a blog that makes it different from being just another website are the comments. A blog can be a great platform to directly address your readers, ask them questions and read their answers on your comments or even on their own blogs. While social media platforms such as Twitter are great for short and timely micro-conversations, a blog allows both you and your customers to be more in-depth and expand on the chosen subject.

Nurturing a community

Your business blog can be the central point of a lively community if your posts provide interesting and popular information or commentary about your particular niche. Many bloggers have become media personalities with many followers, just by providing great content on topics they love, and your business could do exactly the same. Over time, a strong network of links will form between your blog and those of your readers and other third parties that think your posts are worth sharing and talking about.

Customer support and testimonials

Have you even worried about the amount of time spent answering the same customer queries? Do you have a list of known problems and solutions you wish your clients could see before asking you about them? Your business blog could, through the use of a commenting feature, reduce your customer support times by giving everybody a place to talk about new releases and product issues, without being as difficult to moderate as a fully-fledged forum. It can also be a perfect place to gather positive comments and client testimonials to be displayed on your main site, without having to call your clients one by one hoping for a positive response.


If you are used to spending money on recruitment agencies and long interview processes that get nowhere, a blog can help you reduce recruitment costs. You can advertise your open positions on your blog, and who better than your loyal readers to suggest potential recruits or even apply for the job themselves? A good blog will also help establish yourself as an authority on your niche, attracting more talent and allowing them a glimpse of the personality of your company and your staff if you choose to feature that.

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