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Global economic woes, rising unemployment and technological advances have encouraged or even forced many people to start their own small business and become their own boss. For a blogger looking for topics to start a niche site or a blog, this is a great niche that offers good advertising revenue potential and an ever-growing audience. A blog is also a great tool to bring traffic to your business website, and if you are only doing one thing for your SEO this should be it. If you want to blog about businesses, but want to stay away from what everybody else is doing, consider the following alternative blogging topics on the small business niche.

Home Office Interior Design

With more and more people looking for easy business ideas that can be implemented from home, the need for home office interior design advice and inspiration has grown exponentially. People turn to the Internet to find ideas and answers to popular issues with home office interiors, such as how to make the most of a small office or how to get modern office equipment that looks great. Tools such as Pinterest can go a long way towards creating interest on a home office interior design blog with interesting pictures and product reviews such as the best desks for home office can generate a steady income.

Recycling and Green Businesses

Being green is not only a personal choice, for more and more small business owners it has become a business philosophy as well. If you can write knowledgeably on the topics of saving energy, business recycling, 2nd hand business furniture or corporate responsibility you could create a successful blog that does its bit for the environment and helps your readers save money and the planet at the same time.

Doing Business Globally

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Many quick money making schemes rely on the internet to access a much larger audience than any offline business can ever reach. However, this has created its own brand of problems, from work tensions when jobs are outsourced to how to communicate effectively with a co-worker or employee that comes from a totally different culture, and has different expectations and a different mother tongue. Learning how to navigate the waters of globalization, and teaching others about it, is a great topic for a small business blog, and will expose the author to a variety of opinions from across the globe.

Small Business Financing

Getting money to start a business has never been easy, but when the economy is not good accessing bank finance may become impossible for small and yet unproven businesses. However, not all is lost and there are many creative ways to start a small business with no money, get alternative finance through micro-loans or crowd-financing techniques or even convince stubborn investors that your business is worth the risk. Financing and loans is usually a hard-to-crack niche topic, but it can be very rewarding.

Work From Home Job Ideas

Another topic that is relatively unexplored are work from home job ideas that don’t involve the Internet. If you can offer easy to understand advice to the many people considering starting a home business you can build yourself a solid reputation and many loyal followers. Just make sure to avoid get rich quick schemes and anything involving MLM, as there are many blogs on the topic. Look at your audience as those people who have had a bad experience trying to get rich quick online, and are now looking to invest time and money to do it properly and launch a real business from home.

Do you still want some more ideas? Check out this video for 50 more business blogging ideas!

It is true that the small business niche is a very competitive one, and blogging about internet marketing, affiliate sales and SEO may limit your blog to being one among thousands. However, if you have a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurs and want to help others succeed there are many other alternative blogging topics in the small business niche that may be worth exploring.

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