Surviving Google Penguin: Advanced SEO Link Building Strategies

Link building is one of the keystones of successfully placing your website at the top of the search engines. This also means that people know well the value a link on their website has, making getting those links considerably more difficult than just asking for them. You can just sit and wait for people to link to you, or you can make use of the following SEO link building strategies to get those links.

Sponsor a Good Cause

Sponsoring a good cause can be a source of both links and good reputation, besides personal satisfaction. Many charitable organizations have a page with links dedicated to their sponsors. Even small ones, such as your neighbourhood football club may have one. Most often than not this will cost you money, but sometimes you can volunteer your time or your company skills or services. For example, if you are a web design company you could offer to implement their website and get a link from them in exchange. This kind of links works for SEO and also helps raise your profile among your community.

Press Releases

Many professional SEO firms use press releases as part of their link building strategy for their clients. Writing a press release that includes a keyword optimised title, carefully worded content and a link with a suitable anchor text can get you links from authority sites such as newspapers. However writing press releases is an art, and learning how to write a press release that will be accepted on the press release distribution sites and picked up by their subscribers can take a while. It may be better to hire a journalist graduate to do this. Some distribution sites will charge you to use them, or offer only minimal exposure on their free accounts.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, also known as article marketing, is a great way of both getting inbound links and establishing your authority in the market. It works by submitting high quality content to article directories or content sites with dofollow links, such as Infobarrel. That content will have links to your website, with search engine optimised anchor text and keywords. Article marketing has many advantages and is within reach of any website owner. However, if you cannot take the time you can always hire a copywriter to write articles for you. Afterwards it’s your choice if you prefer to create hubs or lenses that are always under your control or submit it to article directories for other people to reprint with a live link.

Partnerships and Paid Advertisement

Another way of getting incoming links from reputable websites is entering into partnerships with sites that offer complementary products or services to yours. For example, if you sell pet grooming products you may want to look into partnerships with vet organizations in your area. Sometimes you will need to pay them to have a page about you on your website, but the best case would be when both of you can recommend the other to your customer base, adding value to your website in the eyes of your customers. No matter how good the deal sounds, do not prominently feature a website on your webpage that you wouldn’t be happy recommending to your clients or friends: Your credibility is at stake!

Blog product reviews

If you don’t mind offering free samples of your product, getting bloggers to review it can be a great boost to your search engine ranking and bring qualified traffic from your website. Keep an eye on the most important bloggers in your niche, and approach them politely to see if they’d mind writing a review on their blogs about your product, with a link back to your site. You can offer them an affiliate commission on any sale coming from their website, or a sample of your product to test to sweeten the deal. However, be prepared to accept that maybe the blogger won’t like everything about your product. A balanced review has both good and bad things, but it will help you gain satisfied customers that know what to expect.

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